Is Spring Break 2016 in Cuba Possible?

In Canada it is pretty real? Toronto based Campus Vactions is offering Spring Break 2016 trips to Varadero Beach a 21-kilometre white sand beach resort area, with incredible caves to explore and party in and amazingly beautiful scenery.

Nightlife in Varadero includes “Cuevos Los Pirates” or “Pirates Cave” the Mambo Club not to mention the jazz clubs and nightclubs in Havana like Habana Cafe night club.

U.S. students can now go to Cuba for Spring Break as a “Study Abroad” trip as students at Perdue University and Saddleback College, but commercial tourism is still banned.

So for Spring Break 2016, drinking Cuba Libres on Varadero beach or experiencing the Cuban nightclub scene by American students is still forbidden by U.S. law. Maybe you should speak to your Congressional Representative.

If you want to organize a trip to cuba for your Spring Break 2016, travel is allowed for 12 different purposes. You can look at the links above to see how the Perdue and Saddleback trips have been structured. The cost per person for these types of trips appear to be running between $1,100 to $3,500.

More to follow....


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Cuba 2016 Varadero Beach Spring Break