The 1990's

Spring Break Moves to PCB

The keyword for the '90's is diversification. The decade has saw an upsurge in Sring Breakers seeking out alternative destinations to the traditional cities of Ft. Lauderdale and Daytona Beach

MTV's programming from Daytona Beach along with the many weeks of promotion preceeding Spring Break, caused the number of students headed to Daytona to increase.

As the demand for hotel rooms grew and prices continued to rise, the profit margins for Spring Break tour operators declined. So the major tour operators and students alike began to look for new Spring Break destinations.

The Panama City Beach(PCB), located on Florida's Gulf Coast looked promising. While PCB did not have as many hotel rooms, reestraunts or nightclubs as Daytona, the business community welcomed the Spring Break tour operators and students.

After just a few years and visits by MTV, Panama City Beach eclipsed Daytona as the most popular spot for Spring Breakers. Other spots attracting high attendance included South Padre Island in Texas and Palm Springs in California. Even international destinations, such as Cancun, Acapulco, and the Bahamas, began to attract larger numbers of American college students during this precious week away from the campus.

1995 Launches

1995 was a watershed year for Spring Break, because that was the year that was launched!

Suddenly, using the capacity of the Internet, the spirit of Spring Break was shared around the planet throughout the year. No longer was Spring Break confined to a few weeks in a distance locale; instead, college students everywhere could use as a means to communicate with fellow partiers and free spirits.

Roving cameras recorded contingents of students, whose images live on in the Spring Break '95 Yearbook. Other students sent in their own picture, adding their own testimonies to the annals of Spring Break.

Spring Break 1995 Year Book Photos from Daytona Beach

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