Daytona Beach

Today Daytona Beach, is still a part of the "Spring Break Tradition", but you need to make sure you stay in the right beach location.

Daily events during Spring Break 2017 are normally found at the hotels where booking is provided by tour operators or near the Bandshell located at the end of the boardwalk.

With the new Hard Rock Hotel opening, there may be more events happening south of the Boardwalk ~2017.

Activities each year include about a half a dozen concerts mid-March located at the Bandshell or at local bars.

Spring Break 2017 Daytonamaniac Party Card Website Link

There are generally some daytime activities like giveaways and contests by corporate sponsors. There are also scheduled Spring Break parties at several of the nightclubs.

You will want to get a "Daytonamaniac Card", to get entry to the parties, along with free cover and express entry to Pelican Landing, Cruisin Cafe, Big Easy Voodoo Lounge, Grandview Live, Seabreeze Taphouse, The Garage, Plur Dayton aand the Beach Bash Music Fest.

If you are up for making day trips, Daytona, is close to Disney World, Seaworld and Universal. Daytona also has DaytonaUSA, a local attraction celebrating the history of NASCAR and the Daytona International Speedway as well as the Kennedy Space Center just down the road.

Travel packages are offered by several tour operators. Some even offer bus service directly from campus for large groups. Many of the hotels are also booking directly, so do your best to get a competitive price. Remember, that traffic will be a *&#*&^* , so check the location of the hotel you are evaluating to the clubs and the boardwalk.

If you are looking for a Spring Break with a mix of beach and world class tourist attractions, Daytona Beach is the place.

Why Daytona Beach for Spring Break 2017

Daytona Ranked #1 as Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations

US News & World Report | Although this Floridian city has been trying to shed its party-centric image over the past few years...

2017 Events

Beach Bash Music Fest 2017

Venue Ocean Breeze Hotel

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 - Stafford Brothers

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - Borgore

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - Brooke Evers

The venue for the Beach Bash Music Fest is the Ocean Breeze Hotel.

Panama City Beach's most popular Party Card for over twenty (20) years comes to Daytona Beach in 2017 as the Daytonamaniac Card.

News About Daytona

JetBlue Lands in Daytona Beach

Airway News | JetBlue’s inaugural flight between New York JFK and Daytona Beachto Daytona Beach pulled into Gate 6 on Thursday...

Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe Project Delayed By 1 Year

New Hardrock Hotel and Resort to open in Daytona Beach delayed....

Hard Rock Announces New Property in Daytona Beach

(September 2013) New Hardrock Hotel and Resort to open in Daytona Beach in 2016....

Daytona Beach not the Spring Break hot spot it once was

Daytona Beach News Journal | Since the early '90s, local officials have attempted to shift the city's image....

Daytona SB History

As Spring Break in Ft Lauderdale, began to attact national attention because of the 1960 movie classic "Where the Boys Are" the city of Daytona Beach decided to get its fair $hare of this new form of tourism.

The city fathers may have been mislead by the wholesome behavior of the actors in the film. College students are not required to meet the guidelines of behavior dictated by the Hayes Commission or the MPAA's Guidelines for film ratings. Despite the stories of bozing and sex and the hassles created for beachside residents, the economic impact of Spring Break made it an important event for the city.

In the early 80's, MTV made its first trip to Spring Break in Daytona. By the mid '80s Daytona had become the "Capital of Spring Break", with over 500,000 students visiting the city and tripling the population each March. Law enforcment was streched-and local residents were complaining, but the city's businesses had a sellers market.

The price for hotel rooms increased along with the demand for space. Spring Break in Daytona Beach, had evolved to a point where both the students and the locals were unhappy with the situation.

Students began to look for alternative locations that would be more receptive. The pied piper of satellite TV were music videos on MTV and Spring Break tour operators helped to lead the parade to Florida's northern gulf coast beaches. Once MTV started broadcasting from Panama City Beach, it was clear that the migration of Spring Break to PCB had begun. This year, Panama City Beach is not paying MTV to promote PCB, so MTV will be looking for nother destination to stage their annual Spring Break programming.

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